Alley of Scented Roses

A cross-cultural woman walking through an alley with scented rose bushes

Inspired by Marsha Mehran’s writings and as a tribute to her literary achievement, Alley of Scented Roses is a captivating novel that weaves a tale of blossoming flowers and the intoxicating aroma of Persian rose attar. Its vibrant stories are brimming with humour, humanity, and affection, all set against the backdrop of overcoming life’s most challenging adversities.

Mitra Johnson, a gifted and successful young writer, lives in New York with her web designer husband, Benjamin. She has struggled to write her dream novel for the last two years, and her husband has left her. She reluctantly returns to Melbourne to attend the extravagant wedding of her childhood friend, Rana.

In Melbourne, Rana is swept up into the world of Noosha, her Iranian mother, and the women who work for her. Noosha owns the Alley of Scented Roses, a lively flower shop and rose garden in Dandenong. For many years, she has experimented to find the perfect recipe for a distinctive Persian rose attar. She and her staff cheerfully prepare flower arrangements to beautify Rana’s bridal hammam and wedding party.

Noosha’s single-minded ambition to create a distinctive Persian attar blocks her ability to connect with her daughter, who battles to conceal her problems from her critical mother. Desperate to escape an unwanted wedding, Rana turns to Mitra for help, setting the stage for a compelling narrative.

Mitra’s life takes a dramatic and unexpected turn when she gets involved in devising a plan to rescue her friend from her forced marriage. However, she faces a profound question: how can she assist Rana when she can’t help herself?

Embark on Mitra’s inspirational journey as she unearths the unyielding power of friendship and resilience. Immerse yourself in this captivating novel about women and witness the profound transformation that can emerge from life’s most arduous trials. This voyage will ignite a spark of hope within you, inspiring you to confront your challenges with unwavering courage and resilience.

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