News of Marsha’s Death and the Australian Media

An Australian citizen, an international best seller author, Marsha Mehran was found dead in her house in Ireland. No media in Australia reported the news. So many news papers around the world reported the her death, with pictures, articles about her work, and about her achievement. From USA,  NPR, New York Times, La Times; major media from all European countries, from Iran and so many more places got the news and reported, except in Australian. What is going on here. If Marsha had committed any crime, been arrested in Bali, in Dublin, or anywhere else, all Australian media would have reported on their first pages, but a writer, an artist, a best seller author is not so important. It is not news worthy. Perhaps it has to do with the name of the Marsha’s birth place – “Iran” and the word “Iranian” should be blamed. Dose any one knows any of the followings belong to Australia. Perhaps, I am blind!

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