A painting by Abbas Mehran depicts Australian birds gathering together in a tree, reading a book.

The Conference of the Birds

A small mural, based on the book by the Iranian poet Attar, was painted by Abbas Mehran on the pop-up library in Boolarra.  

A woman walking through rose bushes

As an artist and a novelist, I invite you to explore my unique world through this website. With publishing principles in mind, I showcase my artwork and books and provide insights into my creative process. To give you a comprehensive view, I include reviews and opinions from published media, always with an apparent reference to the source.

I follow the following publishing principles in adding and maintaining information on this site:

Accuracy and integrity: To my knowledge, I have added information with accurate reference to the source.

Relevance: All information is relevant to my profession of creative writing and visual art, such as painting, murals, and printmaking.

Transparency: I will not use obscure and doubtful information.

Privacy: I respect the privacy of people visiting my site and those whose data and information I may use.

I also attempt to provide images and text that are engaging, accessible, continuous, and legally compliant. 

Abbas Mehran

Artist Novelist