About My Artwork

My artwork is diverse and vibrant, showcasing a range of styles and subjects. I discovered my passion for painting later in life, sparked by reading “Lust for Life,” a book about Vincent Van Gogh. This newfound curiosity led to intense experimentation with oil paint, resulting in several unfinished yet promising paintings. Due to personal and family circumstances, it took me twenty years to fully immerse myself in the art of painting. In 1992, while living in Miami Florida, I made the decision to pursue visual arts seriously. H had a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and a Certified Internal Auditor credential, and twenty years of work experience. However, I decidedly embarked on this creative journey.

Having spent more than thirty years in Iran, my work is heavily influenced by Iranian visual culture. However, I have also been exposed to other cultures, which has contributed to the diversification of my work’s content and style. I set about this artistic journey without any preconceived notions, exploring various subjects and experimenting with different styles. In 1993, I enrolled in painting courses at Florida International University. Later, I moved to Adelaide and pursued university studies, ultimately graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from the University of South Australia. Since then, I have exhibited my work extensively throughout Australia, as well as in China, Taiwan, Germany, and Iran. With 15 solo exhibitions and over 40 group exhibitions under my belt, my art has received recognition, including prizes such as the AQ Print Prize, Multicultural Art Prize, and the Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize.

For me, the long process of painting was filled with moments of accomplishment, self-realization, and appreciation for life. But, I could not continue painting since 2014, when my daughter Marsha Mehran died. Since then I began a new journey as a novelist.