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Abbas Mehran

Art, Life and Culture

Mehran’s paintings are inspired by the Persian culture. They are colourful, life-inspiring, and reflect his diverse life and cultural experiences.

Abbas Mehran had been painting for more than twenty years as a hobby, before deciding to move to the arts. At the time, he was working as an auditor in a bank in Miami Florida. First, Mehran took a painting course at the Florida International University, then he moved to Australia, where he studied and graduated as a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honour) at the University of South Australia.

From 1993 until 2014, Abbas was intensely involved in study, research and creation of many culturally and aesthetically rich paintings, prints and murals, exhibiting widely in Australia and abroad, and winning many awards and prizes, including first painting prize at Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize in 2003. Mehran took twice residency in Sunrise Cambodia to teach children drawing and painting, and painted a large mural around the music building, involving the children in through the process of the mural painting. He was invited to travel for three months to paint his project of children, peace and environment in the walls of a cave in Dunhuang China.

In April 2014 his daughter Marsha Mehran, an international best seller author died in Ireland, and in July 2018, his son Sam Mehran, a gifted musician and songwriter died in Los Angeles. These tragedies have enormously affected mehran and  changed his life drastically. During this long period of mourning and reflecting, Abbas got involved in finishing and publishing his unfinished last book of her daughter; design and development of websites for his Late children to honour and keep the memory, achievements, and legacy of them alive, writing a new novel, sequel to the last book of his daughter (now in editing process).

Abbas lives in Morwell Victoria and is open to and welcomes any professional and friendly communication, meeting and chatting. Contact Abbas


Iranian born Artist Abbas Mehran, born in Iran and studied visual arts in Australia. Mehran is seriously committed to his artistic career. He began his professional career more than 25 years ago. Since then, he has experimented diverse genres of paintings and printmakings. He has exhibited widely throughout Australia and other countries: Iran, USA, Germany, China and Taiwan. However, unfortunate circumstances,  prevented him to continue creating any artwork (his daughter, Marsha Mehran died in 2014, and his son, Sam Mehran died in 2018).  However, his love for painting, inspired him to return to his creative work  in 2019.