Abbas Mehran

Cross-cultural Artist Novelist

Abbas Mehran’s cross-cultural paintings and novels promote awareness and appreciation of diversity and encourage understanding.

With 30 years spent in Iran, Abbas has a deep knowledge of Persian culture. Living in various countries, including Argentina, the USA, and Australia, has allowed him to interact with and experience different cultures, expanding his understanding of their customs, beliefs, and values. 

Abbas Mehran’s cross-cultural art and writing are not mere expressions of his experiences but transformative tools that deeply influence cultural understanding. His works serve as portals, inviting viewers and readers to explore other cultures’ differences and similarities.

Abbas effectively communicates with his audience using appealing visual and verbal language. His paintings and books incorporate cultural patterns, designs, and colours. For example, he uses colourful Persian rug patterns and miniature designs in his paintings and flowers in his novel Ally of Scented Roses.

Abbas masterfully employs storytelling techniques in his paintings and novels to convey his cultural understanding, values, and perspective. He enriches narratives by blending contrasting customs and visual cues.

Abbas promotes multicultural perspectives and encourages global awareness. Alley of Scented Roses is a significant addition to multicultural literature and deserves inclusion in all public and school libraries and teaching at all secondary schools. As Marianne Grasso mentions in an article in SCIS, “Multicultural literature creates a sense of belonging, forging a connection between home and school environments and across cultures.”

Abbas Mehran’s cross-cultural art and literature serve as bridges, connecting us to our own cultures and those of others. They break down cultural barriers, foster empathy, acceptance, and respect, strengthen our relationships, remind us of our shared humanity, and inspire a sense of unity in the audience.

A woman walking through rose bushes
An Iranian woman is weaving a Persian Rug


Abbas was born to humble, illiterate parents in a small mud-brick house in a remote town in Iran. He was not surrounded by books, arts, and music. However, his parents had a remarkable memory of Scheherazade stories, Persian proverbs, and folk poetry, which left a lasting impression on him.

Unlike a typical bookworm, Abbas spent his childhood exploring farms, orchids, hills, and mountains, fuelling his imagination. At the age of seventeen, his reading journey took off, delving into four volumes of Western Philosophy and motivational books from writers such as Dale Carnegie. His first novel to read was Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck at nineteen.

Despite the challenges of reading, writing, and speaking in foreign languages like Spanish and English, Abbas has always embraced, cherished, and conquered these difficulties. Abbas Mehran’s Writing Journey began in 2015, and  his first cross-cultural novel, Alley of Scented Roses was published in January 2024.

Abbas Mehran’s journey in painting began in 1972, inspired by the book Lust for Life about the renowned Vincent Van Gogh. This initial curiosity ignited a passion for oil paint, leading to numerous unfinished yet promising artworks. However, due to personal and family circumstances, Abbas took twenty years to fully immerse himself in the world of painting.

In 1992, while living in Miami, Florida, Abbas Mehran made a bold and courageous decision. Despite holding a bachelor’s degree in management, a certificate in Internal Auditing, and two decades of work experience, he chose to follow his heart and pursue visual arts. This was a testament to his unwavering belief in the power of art and his own creative potential.

Continuing his artistic education, Abbas studied visual arts at the esteemed University of South Australia in Adelaide. Fuelled by his newfound knowledge and passion, he wholeheartedly dedicated himself to an art practice that reached global recognition. His works have been exhibited in Australia, Iran, Germany, China, and Taiwan. He also contributed to creating large murals in Cambodia, China, and Australia.

In 2014, tragedy struck when Abbas’s daughter, Marsha Mehran, an international bestselling author of Pomegranate Soup, passed away while writing her final book in Ireland. This devastating loss halted Abbas’s painting journey, beginning a new journey in creative writing.