Welcome to the Official Website of Artist Abbas Mehran 

Art, Life and Culture

Inspired by the Persian culture  and influenced by the Western culture, Mehran’s life-inspiring fine contemporary paintings reflect his rich cultural experiences, remarkable insight into the human nature, the human conditions and life at large.

Abbas Mehran has lived in Iran, Argentina, the USA, and Australia. His life experiences in these countries have provided him with a unique cultural baggage which he would like to share with you.  Mehran has initiated his artist journey with a vision to create artwork that is culturally rich and socially hope-inspiring. Mehran has exhibited in Iran, Australia, China, Taiwan, and Germany.

My Cultural Background

“I was born in Iran and lived there more than thirty years before moving to and living in other countries; therefore, I became culturally Iranian, and my work primarily was influenced by the Iranian (Persian) visual culture. Living in other countries, such as Argentina, USA, Australia, and briefly in China, provided opportunity to experience other cultures and to find inspirations to experiment, adopt, apply, and enjoy other diverse cultural creations.”