Mehran began painting as a hobby in 1972 and seriously in 1992. Inspired by the Persian culture  and influenced by the Western culture, Mehran’s life-inspiring fine art paintings reflect his rich cultural experiences, remarkable insight into the human nature, the human conditions and life at large.

Mehran has lived in Iran, Argentina, the USA, and Australia.  Mehran has initiated his artist journey with a vision to create artwork that is culturally rich and socially hope-inspiring. Mehran has exhibited in Iran, Australia, China, Taiwan, and Germany.

Mehran continued his artistic practices until April 2014, when his daughter, Marsha Mehran, the international bestselling author of Pomegranate Soup, passed away in Ireland, before completing her final book. After Marsha’s death, Mehran set out to write novels, which was always his passion.

In July 2018, another devastating tragedy stuck Mehran’s life, when his son, Sam Mehran, a gifted musician and songwriter, died at the age of 31.

Mehran lives in Gippsland Australia. His first novel is at its final stages of review and revision. Will be published Soon.

Life goes on…