Commissioned Paintings and Royalties

Commissioned Paintings:

A commissioned Painting by a friend who likes elephants and asked me to design and paint images of an elephant within a Persian carpet designs. Here is what I came up with and called it Elegant

Elegant Elephant on a Persian rug


Pictorial carpet is one of the major genres within the art of the Persian carpet. Within the Persian carpets, artists recreate imaginary gardens with delightful images of plants, colourful flowers, birds, and beasts. When decorating the floors with these carpets, people bring their beloved gardens into their houses. I have been commissioned to create a painting with the Persian carpet design and an image of elephant. I intended to create a delightful and harmonious painting to reflect the delicacy and colourful design of the Persian rugs and majestic image of a happy elephant. Drawing upon my cross-cultural background, design knowledge, and the wealth of the Persian artistic heritage, I started with a simple design and let the rest evolve during the painting process.







Christmas Card

Landscape 2

Landscape 2


The image of “Landscape 2” used by Oxfam Australia:

for two consecutive years for a Christmas card





Book Cover

Apples of gold

Apples of Gold


The image of :The Apple of Eye” has been used as a book cover a book called ” No place Like Home – Australian Stories” ¬†edited by Eva Sallis, Sonja Dechian, Jenni Devereaux, and Heather Miller.





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