I was in Shanghai for an art exhibition in 2007. Went walking around and visiting places. It was interesting to see people getting together in parks and public places, playing music and dancing, men and women. I loved it. I wished people were allowed to do the same in Iran as well., or in Australia, which there is no prohibition, people would get together and dance, have fun, and not to be so conservative and serious!!!

Another interesting encounters in Shanghai was playgrounds dedicated to old people and children to play or exercise. In one occasion, I saw an old women, exercising while her grand daughter was playing besides her. I was looking at her and she smiled at me. I took few picture, of her and the surrounding areas. Latter, at home I compose a painting to express my feelings of the moment and the place: the beautiful smile from the old woman together with bright colors of the equipment and flowers against the active and healthy figures of gymnasts.

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