Lin Dong Fu

I met Dung Fu in Dunhuang China in 2008. I was painting in a cave went out to refresh. I saw a man and a woman looking at the sand hills over the river cliffs. I went on to them and introduced myself. He said: "oh you are the legend that everyone is talking about". His remark surprised me, since I did not know if anyone has even noticed me. He briefly introduced himself and his assistance and told me that he is play a role in a move. Then, he asked me to come and see my work in the cave, and we went down to the cave. He took many pictures from my work and my bed in one of the cave, and from us together. He was so kind and amiable, talking fluently in English. We talked about the painting project, the reason I chose to go all the way to the desert sands of Dunhuang. He admired my work and the idea behind it: "It is so simple and yet so profoundly meaningful". He left a positive impression on me with his sincere questions, comments, and above all his smile. He invited me to have dinner with him at night in the city, which I was delighted to accept. Later at early evening, his assistant came to pick me up. In the car, she told me about Dung Fu, his work and how he is actor and showman famous in China and abroad. We went to a place that has quality food instead of luxury and decoration, a popular place for popular people. We had a wonderful time, eating, drinking and talking. I painted his portrait because of his intriguing character and his lively personality. We are friends now and communicate with each other. I hope to see him and his family again soon. By the way, if you go to Shanghai, go to his Jazz Club and most probably to meet him. He introduced Jazz to China. He is so found of Jazz legends that he has started to paint their portrait. He sent me few pictures of his paintings which surprised me again. I did not know that he is also a good painter.

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