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Chante in Persian culture means a small bag containing small items of precious value, ones wisdom, knowledge, and intelligent tricks. We Iranian would say; "show me what do you have in your chante" which means bring out and reveal your ultimate wisdom and intellectual capabilities, or what are your hidden tricks and swindles are. Also we may say He/she doesn't have anything in his Chante  (chizi tu chantash nist). This phrase was first used in the fifteen century by the famous Persian and Tajik writer, poet and historian, Jami. Since then Iranian use this phrase to refer to someone who is empty of financial, intellectual and spiritual values.

Referring to Dervishes, Chante means a small bag containing drugs and coins collected  by going door to door begging. Dervish on the other hand refers to someone who is earthy, and while he is poor financially, he is rich and prosperous spiritually. 

According to the[highlight type="light"] Urban Dictionary[/highlight] , the word "Chante" means  Awesome. "A goddess of beauty and love descended from the heavens. Was created by the gods to make all things on earth happier and lovable. She is known for her amazingness, beauty, sex appeal, her stunning smile and guys fall for her all the time, she has a problem though she is very insecure about herself a lot of people don't see it because they are blinded from her beauty in the inside of her. The Guys can not stop thinking about her. She is also known for loving other people and her family, she has a charm on guys, She is sometimes shy or quite, she sometimes closes up like a delicate flower if one should hurt her. But why would anyone want to hurt her? "

For me Chante is a small container of my art which is about life, culture and beauty; precious to me and a means of my sharing with those who care. Back to Home Page

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